Report of the 6th Croatian Congress of Microbiology with International Participation

08.07.2016. Novosti

It is our pleasure to report on the recent 6th Croatian Congress of Microbiology with International Participation (June 15th to 18th 2016, Hotel Spa Golfer, Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia). The Congress was organised by Croatian Microbiological Society (CMS) under the auspices of Medjimurje County and with Merck as general sponsor.

The meeting brought together a unique national and international mix of scientists and experts coming from universities, research institutions and industry. We had more than 200 registered participants from Croatia and 11 other European countries. Importantly, the Congress was free for students and hosted 35 students from University of Zagreb (Croatia) and University of Ljubljana (Slovenia).

The programme of the Congress had seven sessions and covered all important fields of microbiology with 15 invited lectures, 15 short oral presentations, two sponsored lectures and 37 poster presentations. A keynote lecture on Zika virus was delivered by prof. Luis E. Cuevas (United Kingdom).

Congress programme was extended with two workshops, one round table and CMS Publications Launching. These satellite congress events enriched the meeting and facilitated the participation of the local community, thereby increasing the regional significance of the meeting. The workshop “Microbes in Vineyard” was organized mainly for the local winemakers. Lectures covered topics such as wine yeasts and trends in winemaking, as well as diseases of grapevines. It was held at the local winery “Vinska kuća Hažić”. The second workshop “A closer look at the DNA molecule” (held at high school “Josip Slavenski”, Čakovec) was mainly for high school students and teachers. It consisted of lectures on DNA and chromosomes and a practical part on DNA extraction using ingredients available in any kitchen. During the round table entitled “West Nile, Zika Forest and Makonde Plateau – Holiday Spots or Something Else?” most common mosquito-transmitted viruses were discussed, with emphasis on Zika virus. Finally, CMS launched two new publications: “English – Croatian Life Sciences Dictionary” (web-site) and “General Microbiology Manual” (university textbook).

Social part of the Congress was also very rich and diverse. At the Opening ceremony participants and guests were entertained by female vocal group “Sveti Marko”. At the Welcome reception KUD Mihovljan gave a folklore performance. Congress trip was well organised and attractive. Participants had the opportunity to get to know Medjimurje – a region rich with culture, scenic beauty and extremely welcoming people. Guests have visited several locations in Medjimurje: Žabnik, Mursko Središče, Čakovec and Jurovčak.

Lastly, based on the feedback of participants, we can undoubtedly conclude that the Congress was in every respect excellent, well visited, with meticulously prepared programme. The organizers would like to thank all of the lecturers, participants, sponsors and guests who contributed to the quality of the event.

Danko Hajsig and Ana Bielen

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