MetGen Oy has an interesting position opening in industrial biotechnology

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Dear Colleagues,

MetGen Oy has an interesting position opening in industrial biotechnology.

MetGen, a Finnish biotech company developing and producing industrial enzymes. Our core competence is in enzyme engineering, application testing, and efficient and cost-effective production, mostly in bacterial hosts. We have been very successful in developing and supplying a number of unique enzymatic solutions for our customers in bio-based industries.

An important part of MetGen’s activities is innovation, research, and development. MetGen is active and visible in European Union Horizon 2020 program, has numerous projects and collaboration partners in European projects alone. One of the most important achievements in the EU projects is the 2018 Horizon 2020 Flagship project (SWEETWOODS bioeconomy-project-raises-21- million-in-funding-we-produce- with-wood-what-used-to-be- made-with-oil/).

With MetGen’s integrated biorefinery technologies moving forward to industrial scale, we are also looking forward to strengthening our expertise in the area of filamentous fungi. To this end, MetGen is opening a new lab in the Netherlands (Brightlands Chemelot campus) to focus on industrial fungal strains development for cellulase cocktails and other industrial enzymes production.

New experts are needed to bring the new Dutch office to life. We are offering an exciting position in cutting-edge biotech as well as a front-row seat to next wave of industrial biorefining.

The potential candidate would be a scientist knowledgeable in fungal biology and genetics; having a Ph.D. in a related topic is a strong advantage. Also, experience in CRISPR-CAS9 technology is a great plus.

The successful candidate will carry out technical leadership and hands-on work in fungal strains development for industrial enzymes production. The career path leads to management of associate scientists/technicians in the near future, providing an opportunity to lead projects that improve the production/performance of industrial enzymes.

The successful candidate will be employed in the Dutch permanent establishment of MetGen Oy and according to the Dutch employment law.

If you are interested to learn more do not hesitate to contact me.

Feel free and welcome to share this opportunity with your colleagues, students, other relevant people.

Best Regards,


Klara Birikh, PhD

R&D Director

MetGen Oy


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